How one man's silencing has shone a light on vested interests and medical evangelism

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Is the EAT-Lancet (Vegan) Rule-Book Hijacking Our Health?

18 January, 2019

How have we allowed billionaires who live to excess, with strong ties to Food & Pharmaceutical Industries, to disconnect us, the people, from the food chain? Not only is the self appointed EAT-Lancet Commission recommending little or no animal proteins and fats, but they are leading us toward the 'Garden of Eden' diet in the name of planetary health. 

Belinda Fettke

by Belinda Fettke

People Health

2018 end of year summary #isupportgary

30 December, 2018

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for supporting Gary in 2018. What's next? Let's change the rules in 2019!

Gary and I will continue to challenge the vested interests and ideology shaping the 'Plant-Based' dietary guidelines. Guidelines which have become strict Rule-Books fiercely protected by Associations with ties to industry. We will continue to promote the health benefits of LCHF principles. But first, happy New Year.

Belinda Fettke

by Belinda Fettke


Lifestyle Medicine ... where did the meat go?

28 November, 2018

A summary of my talk from Low Carb Universe, Mallorca, 2018 where I shared my research on the Evolution of the Plant-Based Dietary Guidelines and the profound influence of Vested Interests and Ideology that have shaped them into strict Rule-Books promoting the Garden of Eden diet - pro-cereal/grains and anti-meat.

Belinda Fettke

by Belinda Fettke

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